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About Tea & Coffee China 2016

“Tea and Coffee China provides the international tea and coffee industry with the ideal business to business platform to access one of the fastest growing tea and coffee markets in the world. China’s coffee consumption has doubled in the last 4 years. With per capita coffee consumption in China around just 48grams, at first glance one might disregard China as still just a nation of tea drinkers, but take another look…With a population of 1.3 billion, that per capita consumption becomes a little more attractive; especially when you consider that in that figure the mega-cities of China are misrepresented – try a figure closer to 2.2kg per capita in urban areas with an average growth rate of over 10% per annum over the past 15 years and trending upwards. Then you are starting to see the hugely promising demand for coffee in China.

China of course already boasts a very well established and attractive tea industry, dating back around 5,000 years, and is well supported by the fact that China accounts for 35% of the world’s total tea production. That said there are plenty of opportunities for international tea companies, as modern Chinese tea consumers are looking overseas for new tastes and aromas than those produced domestically.”

“Focused Events

As with all the events featured at FHC China, there is a strong focus on education and industry awareness at Tea and Coffee China. Our aim is to give the visitors the complete trade show experience where they can learn and develop their skills as well as source new products, which they can then use with confidence to grow their business, and yours.

9th Ultimate Barista Challenge (UBC) ® China

Running alongside Tea & Coffee China 2016 is the 9th Ultimate Barista Challenge, which entails a unique format featuring short challenges designed to educate and entertain industry professionals. It showcases baristas skills, sponsored products & services and how to improve coffee quality and bottom line profits in food & hospitality service, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and cafés.

7th FHC Professional Coffee Cupping Challenge and Tutorials

Tea & Coffee China 2016 also hosts the 7th FHC Professional Coffee Cupping Challenge and Tutorials which provides baristas, coffee shop industry and F&B trade professionals with valuable tips and information on coffee tasting and appreciation.”

For more information about Tea & Coffee China 2016, please contact Becky Sun at 021- 62095209 or